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 Let us introduce ourselves!

Our names are Bianca Locatelli and Nils Andrén, together with our hardworking team we are the people behind Förbli. 

We are professional dancers, creative designers and the founders of Förbli. Occasionally we met through different events but it was in 2013 at a dance event that we discovered all the interests we had in common and started nourishing them together.

Both of us have an immense need of listening to 1930s jazz and 1940s RnB with a captivating cup of coffee in the morning sun, together! It does not have to be the weekend for us to enjoy a glass of wine and dance in the living room to our favourite music.

During our travels as dancers we find happiness  and excitement in vintage shopping and along with it we learn about the techniques and trend of the past. We especially love to find unique garments from the past and make them work with our everyday clothing. We carry a strong passion and love for our work within dance and clothing.

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    "Trough hard work and a clear purpose we want to express how much we care, whether it is a choreography we are working on or a piece of garment we are designing." 


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